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Installing a VIP Lawn Sprinkler Upgrade Package


Other TLC clients have upgraded their lawn sprinkler system for the upcoming spring and summer seasons and we’d love to get you on the books, too!

Here are some of the benefits of upgrading:

-Water savings: reduce between 47%-53% of water usage

-Save money on less frequent mowings

-A healthier, more vigorous root system

-Reduction in the number of fertilizers needed (reducing runoff into groundwater)

-Reduction in the number of pesticides required

-Increased resistance to mechanical damage from mowing

-Greater tolerance of foot traffic

Here’s what you get with an upgrade:
-A brand-new Wi-Fi-enabled SMART controller (you can monitor your lawn sprinkler system using just your phone with a SMART controller!)
-All-new sprinkler heads
-3-year extended warranty on materials and labor
Why wait? There will be lots of hot, dry, dusty weather this summer. Time to get your lawn sprinkler system up to speed this spring for the upcoming hot summer months! – your yard deserves it!
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