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Have You Made the Switch to LEDs?

We don’t mean to nag, but just wanted to check: Have you made the switch to LED bulbs in your landscape lighting yet? It’s your business, of course, whether you make the switch or not. But just so you know, swapping out your old bulbs for LEDs will offer both some personal benefits and some global benefits.


How so?

Well, the personal benefits will come in the form of lower costs over time. LED bulbs can be more expensive upfront, but they last for years, even decades – far longer than the bulbs they’ll replace. Where the lifespan of incandescent bulbs is measured in hundreds of hours, the expected life of LED bulbs is measured in tens of thousands of hours.

So you’ll be buying bulbs far less often once you’ve made the switch to LEDs.

And you’ve probably heard that LED bulbs are more energy efficient than incandescents. That’s actually a bit of an understatement. LED bulbs, on average, use about 80% less energy than incandescents. Think that won’t put a nice dent in your monthly energy bill?

And the Global Benefits?

So how will swapping your incandescent landscape lighting bulbs for LEDs benefit the entire planet? Same reasons as above.

Since LED bulbs last so much longer than incandescents, far fewer of them have to be manufactured to meet the demands of consumers. That helps to reduce the polluting byproducts of manufacturing that are released into the environment every year.

And the energy savings that will put a nice dent in your monthly energy bill also offers some global ramifications. You’ll be using less electricity after you’ve switched to LEDs. Your energy savings may not seem significant on a global scale, but imagine those savings multiplied by a factor of several billion. That is significant!

That’s a very substantial reduction in the demand for electricity. And it would result in an equivalent reduction of the pollutants that are created in generating that electricity. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that the move to LED bulbs has the potential to prevent up to 40 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year.

Whether you believe in climate change or not, that much reduction in global pollution can’t be anything but good.

Again – We Don’t Mean to Nag…

But we just want to offer an occasional reminder of the benefits of switching to LED bulbs in your landscape lighting. We’ve helped many of our customers make the switch. It’s a painless process; in most cases we can put LED bulbs in the same fittings that currently hold your incandescent bulbs.

So if you’re interested in making the switch, give us a call. Making the move to LEDs will do you a world of good. It will do the world a lot of good, too.

But if you just want to think about it a while longer, that’s OK. We’ll offer an occasional reminder every now and then. We promise, though – no nagging!

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