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Half For You, and Half For Me…

What do you do if you’re involved in a property dispute, and you believe that a neighbor’s garage intrudes onto your property?


Well, duh! You fire up a power saw and you cut that sucker clean in half – walls, roof, everything. You turn one building into two! And then you drag the dismembered half-building off of your property.

Or at least that’s the solution conjured up by a man in Minnesota (a candidate for State Congress, no less!).

A Man of Action…

The property dispute had been ongoing for several years. It was a jumbled mess of inherited properties and disputed property lines.

Popeye used to say, “That’s all I can stands; I can’t stands no more!” Apparently our man in Minnesota had reached that very same point that always had Popeye reaching for his can of spinach.

No more of the petty quibbling and bickering and ongoing attorney’s fees for him. He took matters into his own hands. And where there was one garage, there are now two.

If They Were a Little Closer…

Minnesota is a long ways from here. But if they were closer, perhaps I’d offer those warring property owners a special deal on TLC’s garage clean-up and makeover service.


A two-for-one deal!


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