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Fall is the Best Time for Outdoor Fun. Don’t Waste It!

It isn’t really fair, you know.

Summertime gets lots of credit for being the fun time of the year. It’s a time of parties, picnics, ballgames and all sorts of outdoors fun. And no doubt, summertime is a great time of the year. Summer is lots of fun.

But maybe summertime gets too much credit. Because summertime isn’t the only great season, you know. How about giving fall some credit, too?


It’s true that in a head-to-head comparison, summertime holds some great advantages: The kids are out of school. It’s when lots of vacations are scheduled.

But summertime also comes with some very distinct disadvantages: It’s stinking hot. It’s humid and sticky. And it’s buggy – nothing can ruin an outdoor gathering like an invasion of bloodsucking mosquitoes and unbelievably annoying gnats!

Isn’t Fall Really Better?

In some ways, wouldn’t you agree that fall is actually a better time for outdoor fun than summer? The cool, crisp weather of fall can be absolutely delightful in comparison to the hot, muggy days of summer. And bugs? Their big season has come and gone. They’re still around, but in far fewer quantities than during summer.

It’s true that the kids are back in school and everybody is back at work. But doesn’t that make outdoor parties and gatherings all the sweeter?

The fall season has a lot going for it as a time for outdoor fun. It stacks up very nicely against the summertime season, thank you very much.

Except for just one thing: Fall days are shorter. So there’s less time in a day to enjoy all the wonderful aesthetic benefits that fall has to offer.

Or is there?

Make Each Glorious Fall Day Last As Long As You Want…

When the sun goes down on a delightfully crisp fall day, there’s no need for the party to end. If you’ve installed a landscape lighting system on your property, all you need to do is flip a switch. (Actually, you don’t even need to do that; your system will turn itself on automatically!)

And then like magic, your property is transformed into an enchanting nightscape, with plenty of light for guests to party on into that wonderful fall evening – without all the humid heat and buggy invasions of the summer season.

Yep, summertime gets most of the credit for being the best time of the year for outdoor fun. And fall is often just an afterthought.

But it’s not really fair – at least not if you have a landscape lighting system. Because that’s all it takes to make fall the best time of the year for outdoor fun.





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