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Energy-Efficient Christmas Lights


This year, let TLC help you Go Green with your outdoor Christmas lighting by using NEW & IMPROVED LED holiday lights, which can reduce electrical use by up to 90 percent!

By replacing incandescents with LEDs you can expect your Christmas display to consume up to 90% less energy. That’s why we light up our customers’ homes exclusively with LED Christmas lights. LEDs help to make our customers’ Christmases brighter, more energy-efficient, and more breathtakingly beautiful.

Consider LED outdoor holiday lighting if you want to:

    • Reduce the amount of electricity and the energy required to power outdoor holiday lighting
    • Be a good steward of the environment
    • Eliminate time spent changing burnt-out bulbs
    • Maximize safety by using more durable outdoor holiday lighting bulbs that emit less heat than traditional C7 or C9 outdoor holiday lighting. Minimize your costs by using outdoor holiday lighting that can last for a decade or more 

TLC offers FREE estimates for custom holiday lighting, professional design, and installation, and complete takedown and storage!

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