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Does Your Basement Give You the Creeps?

Is your basement a place that, truth be told, you’d just as soon not spend much time in? Is it dank, dark and musty? Downright creepy, even?


That’s what the Stroud family thought about their basement. They loved their four-bedroom house – the above ground part, that is. But after six years of living in the home they estimated that they hadn’t spent more than a cumulative total of an hour in their basement. It kind of creeped them out!

But then the Strouds decided to remodel the creepiness right out of their basement. Instead of a creeped-out hole in the ground, here’s what the Strouds now have in their basement:

A guest bedroom

A craft room

A home theater

A family room

Now the Strouds spend lots of time in their basement. And they have a comfortable and cozy place for family members that frequently visit from out-of-town. Quite a life-enhancing improvement from living above a don’t-go-down-there-it’s-creepy basement!


Remember that old ’80s movie, Ghostbusters? Well, a fun nickname for TLC Inc. might be Creepbusters. A bit hokey, maybe, but it fits. After all, we convert musty, dusty, spidery, hole-in-the-ground basements into very pleasant places – places that often become the focal point of family activities.

In fact, it’s rather amazing the degree to which a renovated basement can enrich a family’s life, just like it did for the Strouds. So when you finally decide that you’ve had enough of living above a creepy hole in the ground, who you gonna call?

Creepbusters, of course!


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