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Be a Burglar Tonight

Landscape lighting offers lots of benefits to homeowners, benefits that we frequently discuss on these pages. Outdoor lighting increases the aesthetic beauty of your home, transforming your landscape into an enchanting nightscape. Outdoor lighting helps to eliminate tripping and falling accidents. And installing landscape lighting will also substantially increase the market value of your home.

Landscape lighting-brick house

But in this day and age, one particular benefit of landscape lighting may be more important than all others: enhanced security. After all, nothing is more important than the safety of your family. And these days, it seems as if that safety is more threatened than ever before.

The reason that landscape lighting enhances security is obvious enough: the increased lighting eliminates areas in which the bad guys can approach your home unseen and unnoticed. And while that’s not an absolute deterrent to thieves and criminals targeting your home, it certainly helps. Why would a criminal choose a well-lit property as a target when there are plenty of dark and murky properties available?

Case Your Own Joint Tonight

If you haven’t yet had outdoor lighting installed on your property, your home is likely more inviting to bad guys than some of the more well-lit homes in your neighborhood. But you don’t need to guess whether that’s true. See for yourself.

Pretend to be a bad guy tonight – a burglar, a thief or a home invader. Skulk around your property, putting yourself in the shoes of someone deciding whether to target your home. Would you be comfortable on your property during the dead of night if you were a criminal? Are there pools of darkness and murky zones in which you can comfortably skulk and loiter as you size up your home as a potential target?

Viewing your property as a criminal might on a dark night can be very enlightening – and very frightening.

Compare and Choose

While you’re out, take a look around at some of the other properties in your neighborhood. Compare your poorly lit home to some of the homes in your area that are well lit. If you were a bad guy looking for a target, which would you choose: your invitingly murky property, or a neighbor’s well-lit property?

There really is no choice, is there? And that makes the decision to install landscape lighting a great choice for enhancing the safety and security of your family.

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