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Basement Remodel Offers Perfect Solution to Cramped, Growing Family

Have you ever even idly considered the possibility of having your basement remodeled? If so, I think you’ll be interested in a story I came across about another family that was interested in a basement remodel.

basement remodeling

That family is the Shepard family, in Arizona. They’re a young couple with two young children.

They were living in a snug and cozy home. It was an older home, built in 1922. But they were quite happy with where they lived; they didn’t want to move. And they had recently done some remodeling in their master bedroom suite.

But with two additions to the family coming in quick succession, they found that their growing family was beginning to be a bit cramped for room. And it so happened that there was a lot of room available for them to expand their living area.

And you know where that extra room was located…

Their Basement Offered LOTS of Potential

That extra room was right beneath their feet, of course, in their basement. Now it was an old home – nearly 100 years old. So you can imagine that the basement wasn’t in the best of shape.

But even so, that old basement offered what ALL basements offer: A huge amount of extra space. Just what the Shepards needed.

They knew that their basement was the key to staying in the home they loved. With all the space that basement offered, the Shepards would be able to make plenty of room for their family at its current size, and have plenty of room leftover for future growth.

Big Project, Big Changes

So the Shepards got busy.

They hired a contractor. They also hired an architect to custom-design their basement renovation. And the remodeling process began.

They added a bedroom. They added a bathroom. That gave them a home with four bedrooms and three full bathrooms. More than enough room for their current family, with space left for future expansion if needed.

They also wisely upgraded the staircase leading into the basement – a component of basement renovations that’s sometimes overlooked (though a staircase renovation is not always necessary).

As is common in older homes, the staircase in the home was rickety, narrow, and really kind of dangerous. And it didn’t meet modern building codes. So a staircase rebuild was part of the basement renovation project.

Just Another Satisfied Customer

The Shepards family wasn’t our customer, of course. But this story just caught my eye because it so closely mimics what we’ve seen countless times from our own customers: A growing family cramped for room, but doesn’t want to move. And a basement renovation comes to the rescue.

It’s hard to quantify in dollars-and-cents value the true impact a basement renovation can have upon a family.

Sure, a basement renovation increases the value of a home. But that’s not the most important value a basement renovation offers. To quote Bianca Shepard directly from the news story: “This is our family home. It was an investment in our family, our life and our quality of life.”

I think that sums up the value of basement renovations quite perfectly.

Bob, it would be great if we could develop some stories like this based on some of your own customers’ experiences. We might be able to get some published in local newspapers and magazines, too.

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