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Is There a Basement Home Theater in Your Future?

Customers of TLC Inc’s basement remodeling services have lots of different goals for their projects. Quiet and secluded home offices, comfy new living quarters complete with kitchen and bath, private home gyms – these are all popular projects. But one of the most popular uses of renovated basement space is the installation of a home theater.


There’s nothing quite so conducive to de-stressing from a rough day or week of work than enjoying a bit of escapism in your own home theater. Snuggle down into a plush and luxurious theater chair, munch on some savory, buttery popcorn, and lose yourself in the plot of a favorite TV show or a blockbuster movie.

You can just feel the stress unwinding from your body!

And because they are located in a naturally secluded area of the home, basements are great locations for installing home theaters. That’s why new home theaters very often end up in the basement.

Modern Technology Helps

With all of the recent advances in audio/visual equipment, a modern home theater can be much more than just a wannabe real theater. With the right equipment, a home theater can rival all but the most advanced commercial theaters. And without breaking the bank.

Of course, it’s entirely possible to break the bank and blow your budget to smithereens. There’s really no end to the amount of money you could spend to equip your home theater. And certainly, the bigger your budget, the better your theater.

But thanks to the technological advances of recent years, you can install a very impressive audio/visual system for quite a reasonable cost. A large-screen display, surround-sound capability, and a digital video source such as cable, streaming Internet, or DVD / Blu-ray players are all you need.

The cost? With careful shopping, you could likely equip your home theater for under $1000.

The Best Plan…

If you’d like to have a home theater in your basement, plan to design your basement remodel with that goal in mind. The best home theaters are those that are purpose-designed as part of an overall basement renovation. That’s because home theaters need some TLC in terms of design, structures and finishing to get the best results.

TLC’s crews have lots of experience with basement remodeling, and installing special-use spaces such as home theaters. Give us a call anytime to kick around an idea or two. We’ll be happy to offer our recommendations and even provide a quote for free.

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