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Basement Clean-Up Reveals Treasure

Is your basement a mess? Well, maybe this story will inspire you to wade into that mess – or better yet, let TLC do a full-on renovation. Because wondrous things can happen when attention is paid to a long-neglected basement.

That’s the way it worked out for a family in Boston. They were giving their basement some long overdue TLC, and in the process uncovered a treasure: a century-old baseball bat used by Babe Ruth.


That Find Was a Homerun!

In fact, there was a collection of old bats. But one had “Ruth” inscribed on the barrel in block letters. Experts have authenticated the bat as having been used by Ruth around 1916 to 1918 when he was playing for the Red Sox. The old bat even had cleat imprints on the barrel – a result of Ruth’s habit of knocking his spikes free of dirt with the barrel of the bat.

And the value of the bat? It’s expected to sell somewhere in the $350,000 to $500,000 range.

There may not be any Babe Ruth bats lurking in your basement. But a basement cleanup and renovation will add great value to your family nonetheless. And who knows what treasures might be found as a bonus?

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