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A wonderfully intoxicating use for renovated basements

There was an article recently in the Washington Post that I found quite interesting. You might have seen it.

It was about a couple that moved into a brand new home in the DC area. When they moved into their new home, they had sort of a unique problem.

Their previous home had a wine cellar – well, sort of; the “wine cellar” was tucked under a staircase. Anyway, they had 50 cases of wine they needed to move from their old home to the new. And nope, the new home didn’t have a wine cellar.

It had a basement, though.

Renovated Basements Are Perfect for Wine Cellars


So the couple worked with an interior designer to add a wine cellar to the renovated basement.

According to the interior designer quoted in the story, “The best place for a wine cellar is not only in the basement but at the front of the house, which is usually the area of the basement that’s deepest underground.”

Renovating a 100-Year-Old Basement

Another family mentioned in the article decided that they wanted a wine cellar. They wanted the capacity to store about 1,000 bottles. They owned a home built in 1916, and were planning extensive renovations.

So when they renovated their entire home – including the basement – they incorporated a custom-built wine cellar.

Here’s what the homeowner said: “We never thought of ourselves as ‘wine cellar people,’ but when we renovated our home, we had the opportunity to outfit one of the basement rooms that at the time looked like a medieval dungeon into a fantastic wine storage and entertainment space.”

Are You a Wine Connoisseur?

If you have a basement, and would like to have a wine cellar – now you know the perfect location for that wine cellar. And that’s just another great reason to finally get your basement renovation project underway.

We’ll be happy to help. That’s what we’re here for.

P.S. Isn’t that an intoxicating notion: having your very own wine cellar? You can read the Washington Post article here if you wish. And if you’d like, we’d be happy to come by and discuss how we might include a wine cellar in your basement renovation.

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