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4 Top Tips for Organizing Your Garage Workspace

For people that like to putter, the garage can be a wonderful place to while away the hours.

It’s a place that’s custom made for puttering. The garage is isolated from the rest of the home, so if your puttering gets a bit noisy, you’re not likely to bother anyone else. And if your garage is clean, orderly, and well organized, there’s plenty of room for puttering.


But that “well organized” part is where the train jumps the tracks for many people. That’s because many garages are junked-up places, so jam-packed with stuff that there’s hardly room to turn around. And there’s certainly not enough room to do any constructive puttering!

One key to getting your garage putter-ready is to organize the area that you’ll designate as your workspace. Here are 4 top tools for organizing the puttering zone in your garage, all available from TLC Inc.

#1: Shelf Workbench

If you don’t have a bona fide workbench in your garage, here’s an idea that will work as either a temporary or long-term solution: Use a StoreWALL 15″ heavy-duty shelf as a workbench.

Position it at just the right height (easy to do thanks to StoreWALL’s camloc system), and this rugged shelve can do double duty as both a workbench and a storage resource.

#2: Magnetic Bar Tool Holder

If you’re a putterer, you know that there’s nothing more annoying than not being able to find the tool you need, when you need it. So why not have your most-used hand tools mounted on the wall, right in front of your face?

That’s easily done with StoreWALL’s Magnetic Bar. Position the bar to be within arm’s reach of your workbench, and slap your metallic hand tools right on the bar. It’s particularly easy to use because you don’t have to worry about poking tools into holes, or hanging them on hooks as with other types of tool holders.

#3: Shallow Basket Tool Holder

For tools that are too large for the Magnetic Bar, or that aren’t metallic, StoreWALL’s selection of shallow baskets might be the perfect solution.

These shallow baskets are just deep enough to keep your tools in place, but without requiring you too reach in and rummage around to grab the tool you need.

#4: Open Bin Tool Holders

For big, heavy tools, StoreWALL’s heavy-duty storage bins could be the perfect storage solution. These rugged bins can be particularly great for storing power tools such as drills and jigsaws.

The bins are mounted on 15″ wall brackets that attach anywhere on the wall using the camloc system. So you can position your storage bins at the ideal height for convenient tool storage and retrieval.

Use StoreWALL Products for Organizing Your ENTIRE Garage

StoreWALL’s products can be a great resource for organizing the puttering zone in your garage. But in truth, there’s no better way to organize your entire garage than with StoreWALL’s garage storage system. StoreWALL’s products are custom-designed for the job.

And if you want to get your garage organized fast so that you can get to some serious puttering – we’re just the people that can do that for you.

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