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250 Peoples’ Holiday Will Be Ruined Today – Or Worse

It’s true that the holiday season is the happiest time of year for most people. But an unfortunate counterbalance to that seasonal joy is that the holiday season is also a dangerous time of year.380363_304573266220693_1142751309_n

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), an average of 250 people per day are injured during the holiday season. These are injuries directly related to holiday decorating activities, injuries severe enough to require a trip to a hospital emergency room.

And it’s getting worse every year. Since 2009, the number of injuries that occur each holiday season has been steadily increasing.

Be Leary of that Ladder!

These seasonal injuries have a number of different causes. But the most common cause of holiday related injuries? Accidents involving ladders.

All too frequently, people putting up holiday lights and decorations end up taking a nasty tumble off a ladder. In fact, more than a third of all holiday related injuries involve falls, according to the CPSC. That’s largely because people who aren’t experienced in the use of ladders often spend many hours using ladders to install exterior Christmas lights.

Watching Clark Griswold fumble and bumble around on a ladder while installing Christmas lights is great fun. But when you’re the bumbler – and that bumbling lands you in a hospital bed – not so much fun!

How About Letting Pros Handle that Dangerous Work?

One way to avoid becoming a holiday statistic is to let professionals install your home’s Christmas lights. TLC Inc’s installation crews are trained to be able to do the job safely. They’re experienced at clambering up ladders and working on rooftops.

And they know how to do the job right, avoiding common mistakes such as overloaded circuits. (Fires are the second most common cause of holiday related injuries and deaths.)

So why not let us do what we do best, while you relax and enjoy a safe holiday season?


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